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What in the world is going on?

We seem to all find ourselves thinking and even wondering “what in the world is going on?”. There is now talk about how COVID is making some say that Thanksgiving and even Christmas will have to be cancelled this year. Now I need to make it clear that giving thanks to God does not require a special day for me. However, being with family is important so the cancellation talk just needs to stop. As for Christmas, come on, celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world is not optional. We do know it was not on December 25th but this idea of canceling the remembrance of the Redeemer‘s birth well, that is is just impossible.

With all that is being communicated, it is getting more difficult by the day. We are all trying to figure all of this out, but it seems we are being overwhelmed by all the information. There is an old saying “if ignorance is bliss then this must be Eden”. Oh, for ignorance of all that is going on so that we could enjoy the bliss of this wonderful world the Lord has made.

For the most part people are pretty intelligent. I mean there may be some who wouldn’t come out of the rain but most would because really no one wants to be wet. There is always a risk in life and in the things you do. Makes no difference who you are, what you have or even what you do. There is a risk that I could get COVID, but I cannot and will not stop being careful and prudent in living my life. It is no different than in the flu season for me. I just don’t hang out with sick people. If they are showing signs of illness, see ya, I’m out of here. I have always been this way. Used to tell my staff if you‘re sick stay home and if they showed up, then I went home. I simply never intentionally put myself in that situation. Could it happen that I met or saw someone even in passing and get sick? Sure, that is the risk that I had no way to control. That is life and we cannot control everything.

I read recently that the Governor of Washington State said that “probably the most dangerous

place in the state of Washington right now is our own home”. So, he bans indoor social gatherings and indoor dining. Thus the question is what do you do in Washington? You can’t go anywhere and you can’t stay in your home. So do you move somewhere else? I know, I know that is a whole other conversation.

My great grandfather had a saying that went like this “there just ain’t no accounting for people”. People will do and say some of the most bizarre things. It doesn’t have to be true or even have a chance to be true, but they will say it or believe it anyway. Sick people show up to work (bet that won’t be happening anymore).

So where does this leave us today? Well, still wondering “what in the world is going on” but with a heart felt peace that the God of the Bible is the the same one who did miraculous things so that His person could be known. Where is He today? Showing Himself so that all may know that He is Lord.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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