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There is a lot going on

We have all heard and even made comments that we have a lot going on and that is just in our personal lives. That is also true about the world in which we live. There is also a lot going on and just as we don’t always understand what is happening in our life, we don’t understand what is happening in the world.

I have mentioned this in passing before, but today I want to go a little deeper. As I go about my days observing and listening, I really don’t see or hear from others the acceptance of what some say is the norm. I mean Covid was and has been a problem, no doubt. As bad as it has been, and I pray it does not get any worse, we seem to be getting back to normal.

Now once something changes, no matter what it is, there is always a new normal. Now I am not a fan or proponent of the term new normal. I know the idea sounds so profound but it really isn’t. You see the normal or the status quo of what was, is now replaced with the change and that becomes normal.

What is interesting about this is that over time changes in the norm can make the changes which will come later, even if caused by another situation. Possibly to be used for exploitation. Throughout the history of what I will call the “organized church” going back to the beginning of Christianity it has occurred. The church did not begin until Jesus left this earth. Then He sent His Holy Spirit. It is after this that the church grows as it shares the message of the Gospel. There were those who wondered early on about those who followed Jesus and who followed John the Baptist. Later the question would be were they of Paul or Apollos. Listen, it has never been about anyone but Jesus.

So today there are denominations. There are denominational and nondenominational churches. There are different beliefs as to Scripture and doctrine. Sometimes it is warranted, yet sometimes is it more like chocolate vs vanilla ice cream. Some like one and some the other. Dogmatic statements are made and there is little or no desire to consider a discussion. You see discussion can lead to persuasion that leads to a change of mind.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that ship has sailed. I hate saying it but it is true. The new norm, the term I don’t like, is if you don’t believe what I believe and accept my position you are wrong. This then leads to a breakup and the relationship becomes broken. This will more than likely lead to the relationship never being fixed.

We see this same phenomenon happening everyday all around us. We don’t have to be the church to see it happening. Just because the wheels came off at that church doesn’t mean it will happen in every church. There has been much discussion as to what is happening in schools and with school boards lately. I think the mom who said that parents should take the kids out of the public system if they don’t agree with what is happening has it perfectly right.

There was time, not so long ago, when government and its agencies worked for the people, their bosses. Not any more but it better get back to that way real fast. The ballot box is the next place you need to go to see and make change. Please, don’t be the one who says my vote doesn’t count. It does and now more than ever before.

As I am writing this, I notice that the things I see and hear, whether in the church or somewhere else are similar. In the church, there has been and is a continual sliding away from the truth of the Word of God. In our Country, there has been and is a continual sliding away from founding truths in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. What do we conclude? When we slide away from those things that make and determine who we are, we will no longer be who we are to be.

If, as the church, that is born again believers in Jesus Christ we continue to slide away from His Word and what He has said there will no longer be the truth guiding churches. If, as a country, that is the citizens, we continue to slide away from our Constitution and our Bill of Rights we will no longer be who we are to be. In both instances, the freedom which we would have will be lost.

I recognize these are hard things to consider. For some they be hard to accept. Some may even disagree. You know that any of those is OK. The real question is what do you do with it?

In God’s Grace,

Elbert Nasworthy

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