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There is a lot going on

As I am writing this today, there is a lot going on everywhere. I was reading a news report back before Christmas where a couple were kicked off of a flight and banned for life by the airline because, now watch this, their 2 year old daughter would not keep her mask on, SERIOUSLY?

Now that is not the only thing I have read recently or even heard on the news, but folks this stuff is getting out of hand. This is supposed to be the Christmas and New Year season with peace and joy. Yet it seems at every turn there was more and more conflict.

Recently I was reading an article on the coming Tribulation. The writer dealt with the subject of Christ return. First, to receive the church and then 7 years later to establish His Kingdom. As a pre-tribulationist, I found the article well written and insightful. Now, there may be some who read this and say well, I am not pre-trib, I am mid-trib or even all-trib. You know, it will all just work out in the end. Listen, truer words have never been spoken on this subject. We can read and interpret Scripture and probably get it right sometimes, but it will all work out God‘s way and in His time.

So there is a lot going on and my take on it is because we see, hear and know so much more and more quickly than ever before in history. Mass communication came unto its own early in the 20th century. Just in our life time, it has increased in huge leaps. Everyone, and that is really a truth and not hyperbole, can say and hear something around the world almost instantly. We don’t have time to process what we are hearing and seeing. We are all knee jerk reacting, and to be honest with you it is almost mind numbing.

So is there an answer or even a suggestion? Probably but everyone is different and will react differently. Yet the best way to handle this is to modify how and what you hear. Go slow and pace yourself by not overreacting to what you see or hear. If anything, try to disconnect more and enjoy life. That is what they did before Twitter and now Parler. Even Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Now on a side note there is TikTok, but I will admit I have no idea what it is but it is a weird name for something so many are engaging in.

Now I know I post regularly on those platforms, well not TikTok, and probably never will. I am sharing thoughts to ponder, ideas, encouragements and devotions. Offering to you and all who will listen or read perspectives and information. So I hope you will follow me on all,or any of these platforms. Wait a minute I forgot LinkedIn, it is another platform I use.

Yeah, there is a lot going on and we have to find our way through it daily. So as you ponder this today remember it will all work out God’s way in the end, and that is what we hold on to.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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