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One week and counting

In a week we will all vote and some will have done so via early voting or by mail. As of this writing, there is estimated to have been over 57 million plus early ballots cast. This is compared to a similar time in 2016 which was only 5.6 million based on data from the United States Election Project. In Texas it has been reported that over 6.3 million votes have been cast, and Texas had surpassed 70% of its total 2016 voter turnout. In total in 2016 there were over 131 million ballots cast and with the ballots cast thus far we have already reached almost 50%. This will certainly be an election in which more ballots will be cast than in 2016.

It would seem that almost a majority of the public have made up their minds and are committed to their choice. There will most certainly be some who will make the decision at the final moment and that is their prerogative and right.

I have said on numerous occasions that this election is democracy vs socialism and that is it plain and simple. Not personality, style or anything else, it is simply about democracy vs socialism. All the other stuff is in there and for some it has determined how they might vote. Yet when the final analysis is done the election was about democracy vs socialism.

Socialism is a decades old failed experiment that does not work. It is insanity by definition. Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome which confirms the insanity. While democracy provides opportunity and privilege to all who are a part of it and those that come to this country. Democracy is what people come here for and what the people in other countries want to become.

It has been and still is my prayer that God will again have mercy on these United States so that freedom will continue to ring.

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A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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