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On this Father's Day Weekend

One of the few things I actually know about is being a father. Now, after I have written that, I find myself questioning my own statement. Maybe I don’t know anything about being a father, but wait maybe I do. I know the Scriptures provided me a lot of instruction. Watching and listening to others helped tremendously and if I could give advice to a young father today, I could because I’ve been there.

God blessed Elaine and me with unbelievably wonderful children in Lacey and Erik. Being their father has been the most fulfilling and also terrifying experience of my life. You need to understand I was an Auxillary Sheriffs Deputy many years ago. You are all aware I have been a Pastor now for 29 years. So to say I have not had some fulfilling and terrifying experiences, would not be anything equal to being the father of the children to whom God entrusted us.

There have been times when I determined I had failed them and that it would be my fault if they did not be or accomplish all they were and are capable of in life. When they were teens we went through the transition from being a church member and family to being a staff pastor and family. It was during that time that things were not always easy to handle financially, but God made a way when there seemed to be no way. We were able to feed and clothe them, take care of their needs and provide a safe home for them.

Enough about me, let's talk about fathers and even some of you today who are fathers. Let's not kid ourselves, Mom's are the real hero but it is the father to whom God has placed a tremendous responsibility. Being the man of the house and father to our children requires a Biblical perspective and focus.

Several years ago I was privileged to lead a group at one of my granddaughter's schools through "All Pro Dad". You might know that Tony Dungy, Super Bowl champion coach and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, is a contributor to their work. They have awesome and helpful things for fathers to use in their parenting. On their website, you will find these "10 THINGS SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT BEING A FATHER". Click now on this link to All Pro Dad to see these.

Now that our kids are grown and with kids of their own I have now, as I mentioned a moment ago, become a grandfather. I love being one, but I remember vividly what it was like being a father first. I made mistakes and I know I did. I am sure Lacey and Erik think I made some but that might just be their making me the fall guy for their own mistakes, but I digress. Yet, to be honest I know I could have done better. I had never done it before but was fortunate to have some great role models. My father and grandfather who along with men I met through life who were fathers that I could watch and observe what they did and how they did it.

So, when it is all said and done, I can say I did my best and I tried. That may really be the only thing any of us can say in the end. I hope that I have left to our kids and grandkids an impression that will last beyond my being here. Oh no, if Lacey reads this she will start to think something is wrong with me. She'll be calling her brother to see if he knows something she doesn't.

OK everybody, and especially the kids and grandkids, Poppa is fine. All is good. I am just writing from some thoughts I have and hoping that others like me will ponder them.

So on this Father's Day weekend, I hope I have encouraged you. Tomorrow morning I will be speaking to fathers at Northwest Baptist in Gainesville about the "Ways of a Godly Father". There will be a Continental Breakfast and other things to honor them. Then on Sunday morning for Father's Day, I am preaching a message entitled "Leading by Example-A Father of Faith" from Titus 2:7-8

Let me take this opportunity in closing to say to our son Erik and our son-in-law Bobby how proud we are of you both. You are Godly men and wonderful husbands and amazing fathers. Happy Father's Day to you and to all of you as you are recognized this Father's Day.

In God's Grace,

Elbert Nasworthy

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