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Many have said...

Many have said over the years that things sure were better in the past. I think that is true in the most basic areas of life. We are overburdened with information that honestly isn't worth knowing about and we waste time hearing it, reading it, or even considering it relevant in our lives.

It is important here to recognize that there are many worthwhile and important things we have learned over the years. History has shown us that the human race has attempted, too often, I might add, to make something that is wrong right. There are examples that cover every facet of life. There are some that are getting much attention today. It is not because it hasn't been tried before but because it simply doesn't work. Now you might be wanting me to throw out some examples and I am not going to do that. Think about what is the topic today and insert into your thoughts of things that come to your mind. I have a few in my mind but this is about what and how you are thinking.

As I was watching a news show that we watch regularly, I thought about my father. It was a "I wonder what he would think about that particular subject?". Quickly my thought was did he ever really have anything like this to even consider would or was happening? Growing up was a simpler time and I know that we as the human race will never see that again. We have moved on and are too far from God to get it back. A well-known politician recently said that he believed we would return to our historical God-centered place as a nation. Now as much as I would like to have that occur, I just don't see it happening. The simple reason is that from what Scripture says we are so far toward the end of this world. Now it might be today or even another thousand years before Christ comes for His church. So understand though that Scripture doesn't actually speak to things getting good again. In truth, the Scriptures indicate that things will as they are today continue to get worse. Now, this is not a dispensational discussion as there may be those who have differing ideas of what Scripture says about the end times. Suffice it to say that outside of the Great Tribulation period of peace (whatever that might look like) and the 1,000-year reign of Christ, there is no indication of world peace and things getting better.

I have been asked before about America in Scripture and what it says. There is nothing in Scripture that directly speaks to America. There are Scriptures that speak to Russia, China, Iran, and other nations directly and indirectly. That does not mean that America is not there in some way it just means Scripture does not identify us clearly.

I would like to believe and hope that we can and will reclaim our place on the world stage as global peacemakers. The home of freedom and peace. Yet, I see so much that would indicate that such a change may not be possible.

We have decayed as a nation. We have sacrificed our freedom for the false gods of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Some might read this and take exception to my depiction and that is their right. God gives everyone the ability and freedom to make their own decisions. As wrong and even stupid as they might be.

God sent His Son to die for the sins of the world and that is you. I think that the majority of people who read my blog are believers. So you might not struggle with what I have just said. Some, however, might and for you, I hope that you will one day before you die accept God's free gift of salvation by accepting His Son Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

I want to share something that happened recently. There was someone with whom we went to high school who was very ill and recently passed away. They had not ever had a relationship with Jesus Christ and it seems from what I heard that they had no desire for one. Whatever their reason it was theirs.

Another friend of ours and theirs were reaching out and comforting them as they were sick. The conversation could never be had because they just didn't want to hear it. As the time came closer to their passing, our friend and her husband went to visit. Again the topic was broached but this time the husband presented the Gospel. The simple, powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was in that conversation that this individual prayed and asked Jesus Christ to be their Saviour. They realized that all they had to do was believe in their heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and they would be saved. They did and a huge smile came over their face. A few days later they closed their eyes here and opened them in the presence of God and saw their Saviour Jesus Christ. I know I look forward to seeing them one day there in Heaven.

With Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday coming up over the next two weeks, it makes telling others about Jesus all the more important. I am looking forward to sharing some things with you that speaks to the significance of what God did when His Son declared "it is finished".

In God's Grace,

Elbert Nasworthy

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Jeff Aman
Jeff Aman
24 мар. 2023 г.

Elbert, thank you for the reminder of that glorious "finish" to God's story!

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