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I would imagine

I would imagine if you are like me, this past week has caused you to pray maybe in some ways you haven't before. You may have found yourself reflecting on the events and the news of what is occurring in Israel. I would imagine you might be thinking how does all of this fit into the eschatology of the end times.

Well, for me I have prayed daily for the peace of Jerusalem. I have payed that before but now I pray daily for it to occur. I am praying for people there that I don't know but I understand they need an advocate in prayer for what they are facing.

Then as I reflect on the events and news I am overwhelmed with sorrow for those who have been killed, maimed, injured in such a ruthless and demonic manner. There is that compassion for the innocent on both sides who are caught up in this act of hatred and action intended to eradicate the Jewish people.

Then that question as to how this fits into the eschatology of the end times. Well, in many ways it fits perfectly into what the end is going to be like. Is it a specific event that we read about in Scripture, I am not sure but I know that God is in control regardless.

So, as I have just shared these thoughts and perspective with you what do I do? Honestly, there is nothing specifically I can do beyond what any of us can do. We pray and ask for God to work in specific situations. I am thinking of two, that I know of. There are tour groups from churches in Florida who are there now desperately trying to get out and come home. They're safe and appear out of the direct line of fire. Yet they, their loved ones, their churches and people who don't even know them like me are concerned and asking God to bring them home safely. I just read that one of the groups have made it to another country. They are being flown out as seats are available. Some have left and the others will all be out by this Sunday. That certainly is an answer to prayers, both theirs and those of others for them.

I am also praying for the people of Israel and their leaders. For wisdom as to what to do to protect and bring this to an end. I am not certain as to what and how all of this will go. God knows, but other than that we are all clueless.

One of things that we have seen throughout history and even in modern history is that fanatical ideas and thoughts can and do lead to disaster. They never end well and certainly during their duration cause countless heartache and pain for those involved.

This is all bound in a hate for a people who only desire to live in freedom and peace. That is really the only thing most people want. Of course, as we are seeing today in brutal and vivid ways, not everyone wants that and so they attempt to force it on others. So the only option is to fight back. That is a hard truth and often one thrown back into our face. That is what is already happening with Israel. They did not start this war but they have vowed to end it. That means there will be collateral damage and innocent people will be killed and injured. It would be important to note that this started when people entered Israel to kill and injure innocent people. Their goal was to eradicate the Jewish people. The difference is that Israel is only trying to stop this from continuing.

I don't know when or where this will end. It probably won't be anytime soon. I read today that a strategy might be for Israel to starve them out. They have no power, and food and water supplies will eventually run out. Food and water are a necessity for without them we cannot exist. Will that then lead to a surrender? Well, I would hope so, but the unfortunate side affect is that, as is the case in war, the innocent will be hurt.

Pray now for the peace of Jerusalem and for a quick end to this terrible war started simply by the hatred of one group for another.

In God's Grace,

Elbert Nasworthy

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