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Special Edition "A thought to ponder"-Decision Time

Today I am posting a Special Edition of the “A thought to ponder” blog. This has been a piece that began several weeks ago. It was initially my thoughts about and concerning things that were and continue to occur in our country.

The subject is one that is different. There is an old saying you “don’t mix politics and religion”. That is wise counsel and yet some will say I am not following it in this post. Actually, what I am doing is focusing on our responsibilities as Christians and citizens. Just because I am a Christian and a pastor does not mean that I am to have no voice or vote. It does mean that I have to incorporate my Christian faith into the decisions I make and in this case for the President of the United States on November 3. So today here is a Special Edition of “A thought to ponder”.

As I begin please note there are several video links. They are an important part of this and I ask you to invest the time to watch them as you read. This will be a little more than the normal read so please make time for this before you begin. So with that said I share this special edition of “A thought to ponder”?

Over the past 6 months, we have seen tremendous shifts in our country. There is no longer a normal in which we once found comfort. We hear and talk about a new normal but it has not yet arrived and possibly is some time off.

There is no reason for me to chronicle for you what has occurred this year. With some exceptions, such as a personal illness or the loss of a loved one, we have all experienced pretty much the same thing.

The result is that we are a nation in disarray. We are a country, but there is not a sense of being united. There is a very clear and distinct divide as to who we are and where we will go. Is it political? Yes, it is and the political affects the practical every time.

Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban immigrant, reminded us all that “there is no place else to go”. You can watch his comments at the Maximo Alvarez video.

In this election, there are only 2 choices for a direction forward. There are not varying ideas and thoughts about what to do as a nation. There are only two and they are diametrically opposed to one another.

Mr. Alvarez is right, there is no other country in the world in which anyone can go and have the freedom and liberty we enjoy as a country. If in this election, we go in the direction of socialism, then there will no longer be any place for anyone else to go. If you are honest, then immigration won’t be a problem any longer. No one will want to come here because it is just as bad or maybe worse than where they are. Thus there will be no hope in the world for a better life.

Evil is real and the devil is in the details are two truths we all know. He is actively trying to destroy you and me by destroying our country. It was Paul Harvey who 55 years ago shared a commentary entitled “If I were the devil”. Here is a link Paul Harvey to that broadcast and wait until the end. You will get it as Mr. Harvey tells us in prophetic words what is happening today in America.

Can things be changed? Can we go back to where we were even a few short few months ago? I believe the answer is, yes. In the big scheme of things, yes. Will we get back our innocence? No, that is lost forever. There is a battle to be fought. As Christian citizens, we must pray fervently for our nation and then exercise our right to vote. There are a few short days before the election. Neither candidate is perfect. There never has been one and there never will be one. It is not about personality or style. It is only about what direction do we want to go as a nation.

Please know that I do not think or believe that the President is perfect. Just as I know the other candidate is not perfect either. No, they are like us all, flawed by sin. There is only one clear choice to be made on November the 3rd. Let me elaborate-

Do I want to see even more abortion than what is already occurring? No, and what we are doing as a nation could be changed if the Supreme Court were able to rule correctly and reverse Roe v Wade.

Do I want people to come to this country as immigrants? Yes, just as our own forefathers did to make this great nation their home. Yet, we need to do this in a way that keeps out those who should not be allowed to enter. Currently, the “New Way Forward Act” is being considered in the House of Representatives. For more on this go to "New Way Forward Act" to watch and

listen to Tucker Carlson as he explains what this would do to our immigration system.

Do I want us to be safe in our homes? Yes, and if necessary to have the right to protect myself and my family if the situation were to arise. The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution provides for the right to bear arms. The castle doctrine provides a means to allow me or you to protect our home and those within it. Yet, as we have seen in St. Louis recently with the McCloskeys these rights seem in question. When protesters broke into their property, destroying entryways as they entered, and when police did not respond to the 911 call they protected themselves. Recent reporting indicates that no person who broke into the property was even arrested. For more on this go to McCloskey's video.

I am sure I could go on about other things to which there is a difference of night and day between the 2 candidates for President of the United States. However, if I simply look at their views and positions on abortion, immigration, the 2nd Amendment, and the castle doctrine, well, I vote for President Donald J. Trump. Perfect man? Not by a long shot but neither am I. Someone who speaks his mind? Yes, he may not be the most humble but there is no doubt you know where he stands on the subject. Someone who will do what he says he will do? Yes, because I look back to where we were 4 years ago and see he has done what he said he would do. It is my determination that he is doing what must be done to lead this great nation away from the precipice of socialism and the destruction to these United States.

We are each given a voice at the ballot box. We have been clearly told by each candidate what they want to do if President. I choose freedom and not tyranny. I choose to continue to live in these The United States of America.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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