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Maybe, for such a time as this

As I pray today with those in Washington, DC for our nation my mind went back to the story of Esther. For it was as Malachi said “maybe for such a time as this” she was used.

Today we are praying in Washington, DC and all over the country. We are praying for God’s mercy and grace to be upon our land. To heal our land, so we humble ourselves and pray.

This afternoon the President of these United States will fulfill his Constitutional role to present a nominee to the Supreme Court. The wording of the Constitution makes no provision for an election year, whether a President is of or not of the party who is the majority of the Senate. It simply says that when there is a vacancy he shall nominate and the Senate shall advise and consent. Actually there is no provision for hearings as they have been provided over time as tradition.

Recently the President said that probably the most important decision a President makes is in those who are nominated for the court and especially the Supreme Court. The reason is that as he said it effects the future of the nation and the way it will head for the next 50 years.

Maybe God is setting the future for our country today and the days that will follow. He is answering our prayers of the past, of the day and those of the future.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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