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Living this life Part 4

There have been a few times I have written in a blog as a series. In this blog today I am coming to an end with the “Living this life” theme. Life is such an interesting occurrence. Every life is different even if in the same family. That can be your biological or adoptive family. It can be friends that you do life with as a family. Even the church you are a part of are often considered to be our spiritual family.

The definition of a family is “the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children also any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family“. This particular definition is especially important in light of our current social situations. The definition is based upon what is known as the nuclear family. Yet we have now seen that definition challenged and even cancelled by some.

As a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, pastor and friend I am extremely concerned as to where and to what we are headed. I can certainly speak to that in relation to our country. My prayer is for our country to be on a different track than we currently find ourselves. This is not specific to our political situation but rather to our spiritual situation. It is very easy to see that our current political and social climate is founded on our failure as nation on the spiritual front.

God has been and is being removed from every aspect of mankind. The one who created is no longer worshipped and acknowledged. Today man is worshipped and acknowledged as the supreme being. This is going against everything that God‘s Word says to us. From the very early times found in Scripture God has clearly defined how man is to live. In the garden with Adam and Eve God was clear as to what should and shouldn’t be done. In that garden mankind listened to the voice of a deceiver. Since that day man has continued to listen to the lies of Satan.

I need to honest with you and affirm something I said recently, I am optimistic. However, as a student of God’s Word I know that things can and will get worse. I am not trying to rain on your parade but I must be honest. There is no hope for any one outside of Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean saying that He was a good man. It is admitting that He is Son of God. That without believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that He is Lord an is risen you cannot be saved. Read Romans 10:9-10 for clarity right now, we will wait for you.

Thanks for coming back. You should want to enjoy this life and experience all that it has to offer. Yet you cannot and should not do so at the expense of knowing Jesus as your Savior. God in His Grace gives us a life to live. He gives us about 70-80 years based upon Scripture and what we know of present day life expectancy. Creation is meant to be enjoyed. Friendships are meant to be developed. Work is intended to provide for your needs of shelter and food. When you put this all into perspective and pause to acknowledge the Creator you will find that it is all about Him. It is not about you but rather Him and what He has done, is doing and will do in you and through you each day.

Living this life is different for each of us. What we do, where we live, how we react to all that happens. Interestingly, we all have regrets and Frank Sinatra sang “regrets, I’ve a few but then again to few to mention”. I can say that, can’t you? Those few regrets taught me invaluable lessons that made life so wonderful and full.

So my hope for you is that you will keep living the life God has given you. Give Him the recognition and the glory each day. Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice. Consider in the matters of life WWJD (What would Jesus do) then do that and not the thing you thought to do. I will tell you that I have found that this is the formula for living this life.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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