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Let's vote

For the majority of people who have voted or will vote between now and next Tuesday, their minds were already made up. There are those who are still considering how to cast their vote. My hope is they will be careful and consider all the possibilities before they cast that vote. Just as I am hopeful those who have already voted had done so. I know I have as I have considered all the possibilities.

Being somewhat of a traditionalist (I finally went to graphite shafts on my golf clubs but I digress) my plan is to vote on Election Day. I have decided how I will vote and will do so in person at my local precinct. Early in the morning I will go and cast my ballot. I will vote for the different people and items on the ballot. For the candidate I believe is the best for our country, to the local commissioner, the state wide amendments, the local judges and even mosquito control.

I have never taken lightly this purest of privileges I have as a citizen of these United States. I believe in the system and I believe that we the people will make the right decisions in each area in which we vote. Some will vote the “party line” and that is their privilege. Others will vote the candidate and that too is their privilege, as well.

Voting is really a very simple act. It is considering the matter before you and then determining in your heart what you believe is the best outcome for you, your family, your community and your country. It is to that end that we should all determine in this election how we will live in the future. Will we abandon our democratic history as a nation? Will we turn away from it and attempt to insanely make socialism work here where it has failed every other time in every other place?

I am holding on to the hope that “We the People” will cling to our democracy and reject the proven and failed option before us. That the amendments will be the right direction for our state and that even the mosquito control board will work together and save us from getting bitten when the sun goes down.

A thought to ponder,

Elbert Nasworthy

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