Pastors and churches alike need encouragement and perspective as we navigate an ever-changing world with the never-changing gospel of
Jesus Christ.

I am committed to helping churches and pastors navigate these most challenging times.  Covid-19 has changed the manner in which we all worship and minister today.  The change will continue until we are able to find a level field that can provide us with what will be the "new normal" we all know is coming.
"How can I help?" is the question that is a tag line for a tv show.  The doctor who is running a major hospital, when confronted by the problems, will ask this very question.  From there the show will look into what was able to be done in that particular situation.
"How can I help?" in what you and your church are facing today.  If you are a church without a pastor and need someone to assist you as an Intentional Interim Pastor or pulpit supply, I can help.  If you are a pastor and church who need a consultant to come in and walk you through the issues you are facing, I can help.
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As a pastor and denominational leader for the past 28 years, I have the experience and want to assist churches in achieving God's kingdom work. 
I served for 18 years as the Senior Pastor of the church @ Myrtle Lake in Land O Lakes, FL.  In March of 2020, I retired.  Our Finance Chairman said "Pastor, God is going to repurpose you" and from that position, I began a ministry to pastors and churches.   Providing church consulting services, pulpit supply, and even intentional interim pastor service.
I recently served as the Intentional Interim Pastor of
Immanuel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL from March through August 2020.  It is a great church and God is doing wonderful things in the church.  I am presently working with several central Florida churches with Pulpit supply.  
I am a member of the Board of the Tampa Bay Baptist Foundation and Tampa Bay Baptist Holdings, Inc. currently as president of both entities.  As a foundation and holdings company, our work is in providing grants to local churches in our Tampa Bay Baptist Association.  This provides assistance to churches in order for them to achieve the work to which God has called them. 
I have been the Moderator of the Tampa Bay Baptist Association and serve currently on the Executive Committee.  Presently serving on as the chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee.  Our charge is to review and propose any revisions to the constitution of our association. 
I am former 1st Vice President of the Florida Baptist Convention and currently serve on the State Board of Missions.  I am assigned to the Administrative Committee. 
Our focus is to provide pastors and churches services in two specialized areas:

IChurch Consulting Services
We can assist with either a comprehensive or a specialized consultation for areas such as facilities, eminent domain, and other areas as required.  

Pulpit Supply and Intentional Interim Pastor Services

We can assist with occasional pulpit supply or in a long-term  
intentional interim pastor role.  If you would like information as to recommendations we can supply those as requested.

  • For more information on either or both of these services please contact us by using the contact information at the bottom of the page.  We are available to talk with you further about our services.


   5314 Lookout Pass
   Wesley Chapel, FL  33544


   (813) 318-1340


Comprehensive Consultation
We will conduct a full-scale analysis of the church. Several areas of church health analysis are included.
Specialized Consultation
We will assist the church in specific areas such as facilities, eminent domain by engaging other professionals who can provide specific information.
Pulpit Supply 
Intentional Interim Pastor
We will assist the church with occasional pulpit supply  and in some cases where needed a longer term of regular intentional interim pastor  role.

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